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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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flames spread next door. why firefighters had to call for backup twice. and we have some interesting changes coming to your forecast. it has been nice, another stunner for today. cranking up the rapid heating for next weekend. then a holiday weekend, slight chance for showers and humidity. lots to go over in your microclimate forecast this morning. changes already on your tuesday commute, metering lights are on. we'll update the car fire blocking lanes on the peninsula and unusual pattern for the tri-valley today. and a live picture right now of the bay bridge as morning arrives. this as it hits 6:00 on the dot on your tuesday, august 26th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura today. >> and i'm sam brock.
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breaking news right now, nearly two dozen people are out of their homes this morning in san francisco after a fire rips through an auto repair show. this happened right across from balboa park. that is where we find derek shore. what have you learned? >> reporter: well sam, at this the hour, we are told 23 people that is seven families have been displaced by the fire. two dogs as well. i'm going to show you where firefighters believe this fire started. it's in an auto repair shop behind this building which is connected to two apartment buildings, and under that is a nightclub. firefighters say they received a call around 12:30, arriving to find heavy smoke and flames which quickly spread to that nearby apartment building and nightclub. luckily everyone was able to get out safe. we spoke to one resident who has been displaced, a lot of people had to run out without even any shoes on. he heard news and woke -- noise and woke up. >> we heard a lot of noise, and we saw the police officers
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around here and that's it. >> the most damage appears to be in and around the repair facility at the gas station. and so that's where we're conducting specifically our investigation at this time. >> reporter: and this is new video looking inside of that nightclub. . looked like a restaurant and bar. and it is filled with water as firefighters tried to get the flames under control on the top part of the building where the apartments are and where the families have been displaced where they were sleeping and woken this morning. as we come out here live, firefighters are on the scene here, crews still wrapping up, kind of debriefing and a restoration company has been calmed in to try to get these apartments back together and that nightclub back together, but again, very scary situation with no injuries reported. but nearly, just a little bit over two dozen people displaced. live in san francisco, i'm derek shore, "today in the bay." and breaking news now. two quakes rattled american canyon within just the last half
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hour. the first was a 3.9, the second was a 2.7. and several people in the area say they felt the quakes. we just got off the phone with vallejo fire department, they say so far no reports of damage or injuries, but those usually take 20 minutes before people call in. they have crews starting out on patrol, looking for any further damage. there are lots of red tag buildings that are at risk. we know this was the largest aftershock this morning, possibly the largest aftershock since the quake on sunday. we're looking into that right now. meanwhile clean up continues after the large quake in south napa. right now hundreds of buildings are damaged, public schools are still shut down for safety nepgss and debris -- inspections and debris is piling up as several dumping sites throughout the country. >> bob redell joins us live at one of the dumping sites at napa high school, and bob, you're seeing, i mean it's just piling up right behind you. >> reporter: it is. and i also to want address the
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aftershock first, good morning, kris and sam, we were out here at 5:33 we had that 3.9 struck in american canyon. not too far from here. we didn't feel it and of course we did not feel the following 2.7. yes, we're outside napa union high school. this is one of the 12 designated drop off sites. it you have debris someone dropped off a toilet that had cracked. flat screen tvs. a lot of those have fallen, that's not surprising, woe seen a lot -- we've seen a lot of those. debrae from something that collapsed. gentleman just dropped off his hot water heater and con created debris. that was john king, and older guy, nice fella, living in napa for years. came mere this morning -- here to morning, frustrate ds because he has a lot of damage, his house was ransacked, fortunately structurally it's going to be okay. his hvac is out, broken tvs teen have to deal with the water heater and columns, concrete from columns and aing out with
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iron gate, he's thankful that he, his wife, and his inlaws, they're okay. >> you endure. and beautiful place to live, and a wonderful life, and this is part what have goes with it. so if you didn't lose a life or get seriously damaged, you mentally put it together and move on. >> reporter: all right. now you can see that the city has set up these dumpsters. clearly one dumpster not enough out here. and they put a notice out there saying earthquake debris only. i can tell you, people are not following that rule. i mean we have mattresses out here that do not look like they were damaged. i don't know how it would be damaged, actually, you know, mattress is something that you expect top survive an earthquake. we've seen other pieces of furniture that don't have damage. so it seems to us that people are taking advantage of this situation. dumping things off that they wanted to get rid of before the earthquake, but didn't to want
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have to deal with the hassle, just taking advantage of the situation knowing that this will be taken to the dump with no questions asked. okay. we're at napa union high school. it will be shut down for the second day in a row. all 30 schools in the napa unified school district are closed so officials can continue to inspect them for damage. napa boys and girls club will be open, parents who have to work can drop off their kids. again, the school closures impact 18,000 students. people have to go to work. they have day care sots boys and girls club are taking care of that. the pedestrian bridge remains closed. the only bridge damaged in the quake. no word yet on when that will reopen. and 70 buildings in napa are now red tagged and more than 200 buildings are yellow tag. red tag means no entry, yellow means moderate damage, limited entry, enough so that you can go in, clean up the glass, anything that's broken inside until you get an engineer or the city to give you the okay to come back in. again, the city has sets up 12
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designated drop off sites, some at schools, some at parks, again, they're saying earthquake debris only. that means, you've got water heater, concrete, okay, you've got shards of wood, broken flat screen tvs, okay, if off ma stress or furniture that's not damaged, they clearly don't to want complete dlaekt. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, thanks bob. bob felt it, the nbc scene reporter also felt it. our reporter felt it and now we're going to send derek shore to the scene so he can check out whether or not the damage. >> and it being, if you're just waking up at 6:07, two additional aftershocks near the american canyon epicenter of the earthquake. we're going to bring in meteorologist christina loren now. and christina, you were talking for the last couple days for the potential of aftershocks. it's not a 5.0, but we have a substantial 3.9 again this morning. >> that's right, and it is in fact the strongest that we have seen since that initial quake. so i can tell you, this is
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significant. thor -- significant this morning. and i can tell you, overall this morning, just four aftershocks, but they have been rather strong this morning. sop definitely seeing the frequencies starting to diminish. and dwindle, but we are definitely getting strong aftershocks. it's just a reminder, we're still not out of that five days after the initial quake where you really have to be on guard. keep that in mind as we told you, derek shore is on the way. we'll have more for you on that as we get that information. we're tracking the aftershocks as they come in by the minute. 61 in san francisco. 59 degrees in san carlos. it's a comfortable start to the day out there. temperatures will remain comfortable all afternoon long. we're talking about the low 80s in the south bay. upper 70s on the planes. same for the east shore today. 87 degrees, it is going to be warmer out through in the north bay, but not as warm as where we're headed. really we are going to bring in that heat.
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temperatures right around average for this time of year. we're going to spike those temperatures as we head through tomorrow and thursday as well. inland valley near 90 degrees or beyond. and then this weekend, we bring in the humidity and maybe a little bit of shower activity. looking promising for one part of the bay area. we'll show you where and talk about this coming up. right now let's get you out the front door, here's mike inouye. >> all right, the planes first of all. live look out there. well lit with the headlights in both directions, but we do have, less light because that car fire that was going on, southbound 101 at will three has cleared from the roadway. all lanes are now cleared, and we don't see slowing on the freeways. surface streets to and from, there's willow with a slower drive from the dumbarton bridge, university also picking up the volume pacing face. on the oriole side of the bay, west 580, unusual pattern as traffic was held um at greenville. early start to the slowing with, folks got held up there yesterday. no such problems today with crashes or stalls. smoother drive and the pattern
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now just slowing down. back to what you'd expect for tuesday as you travel through livermore, slowing drive towards the dublin interchange. rest of the bay, typical drive. san jose does have a little build. kwooel show this -- we'll show this live shot. only slow drive from here up towards w8 80, typical pattern. second burst of traffic kicking in around 6:30, then the northbound routes throughout the south bay, then the commute's on. live look outside towards the bay bridge where we've had the metering lights turn off for almost a half hour now. good back up towards the maize, but not affecting the berkeley curve just yet. that's for folks coming out of emeryville. >> thank you very much. new morning, lock down orders finally lifted after a s.w.a. s.w.a.t. search in san mateo. a suspect barricaded himself
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inside a building. the naked was evacuated around 9:00 last night. people who live in the building wonderful told to shelter in place. police say the suspect was acting erratically before he ran into the building. several hours later, nearly 3:00 in the morning. police finally arrested that man. this all hammed at complex on oedson street right by el camino real south of highway 92. tuesday morning, chalked full of news. still ahead on "today in the bay." new mission in syria that could paift way for air strikes. details on the president's complicated decision. and why did amazon pay a billion dollars, the biggest deal ever? we'll have analysis ahead in business and tech. plus a live look in downtown san jose. before we go, here's one of the major moments from last night's emmy awards, stephen colbert winning a second straight emmy for the final schbt colbert report. >> thank you. it has been a ton of funnel to do the show for the last nine
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years. thank you for giving thus award.
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breaking news now. two quakes rattled american canyon within just the last half hour. the first pretty powerful 3.9. the second was a 2.7. >> nbc's joe flyer is in the area, in downtown napa. he joins us on the phone, joe, you felt the quakes overnight, what can you tell us? >> yeah, it woke me up this morning. i woke up, felt a quick shake. nothing terribly long, but it was enough to wake me up. took me a moment then realized that that was probably an
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aftershock. and that's when probably a lot of people jumped on twitter and saw other people are making the same comment. and pretty sure i felt the one that was a 3.9 aftershock. i did not feel the one that came after that. this is the strongest aftershock we've seen since the main earthquake hit. the 6.0 earthquake hit on sunday morning. previous to that, i believe it had been a 3,.6 aftershock. it was just yesterday the usgs came out and said that the likelihood of a strong, damaging aftershock in the next week was still around 25%. i'm not sure if i would call this a strong damaging aftershock. i know the nbc we've made calls around to some of the police and fire departments, we're trying to figure out if there was any damage caused by this. we haven't heard about any damage yet. it was pretty quick from what i felt, so i can't imagine there was much damage, but the biggest area are the buildings that already have some sort of damage. they are either already off their foundation or have stuff
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on them. it doesn't appear to have caused a lot of damage, at least early on. but we're checking into that. again, it was enough toe pretty quickly jostle me out of bed and get people talking on twitter. >> you've been in and around the downtown area, as have i, and there are a lot of building that have brick that is so precariously perched on top of the building, the buildings are red tagged, we've seen the fencing around the area, do you think just from what your estimation is that it nafb powerful enough that we could have seen maybe not additional damage, but the debris coming down? >> it's tough to say. i'm not districtly in downtown -- directly in downtown right now, but there's a reason that all of these buildings have been taped off for the last couple of days. sop many people have come downtown to look at it, obviously it's something people want to see. all this damage, but there is a reason all of this stuff is taped off, there is a reason why
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they don't want people to go neither buildings. and this is why, the likelihood of the aftershocks is strong, it doesn't take a 6.0 earthquake to loosen some of the bricks and debris can take a smaller aftershock like this one to do that. and of course all it takes is one piece of a building to fall down and hit someone, hit someone on the hit, that would be bed. whether this this happened in this situation, we don't know yet. new englandfully it was early in the morning, the streets were likely empty. this reminds people why if you are in the areas, it's so fornt make sure you're in a safe area because if these aftershocks hit, it can still be a dangerous situation if anything falls from a building that already has some damage. >> right, we saw folks down there taking pictures with baby strollers and kids on bikes. and it was really, a little unnerving to see. so your day's going to start early, joe, and we will watch for you tonight on the nightly news. >> we'll have the latest tonight. >> thank you joe. in the men time, we have --
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meantime, we have teleemu doe 48, katherine dwb you feel the aftershocks this morning and what is it like out there? >> reporter: good morning to you, yes. we felt the aftershocks. they just informed us that it was a 3.9 aftershock. we were just here in the intersection of sonoma boulevard and carolina street reporting about the church when we felt the floor moving. at the beginning, you know, i felt like it was a big truck just stopping by, but then i just saw the floor moving side to side. i realized that it was an aftershock. the strongest felt since sunday. lasted for about five seconds. we spoke with some residents. one man told us that he didn't feel it, he was inside of his dar, then minutes after the aftershock, one police officer came to us to check if we were okay. he told us that he felt it. he was driving are, at the time
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he was just making sure that we were okay. but as i'm telling you live, it felt very, very strong. the floor was moving side to side here in vallejo. this is the strojest aftershock since sunday. and i can tell you, i'm a little nervous from this aftershock. reporting in vallejo, katherine, nbc "today in the bay." >> katherine, we're glad to see you're in a safe location backed away from the buildings, thank you. and now another one. this is the third one now, 6:12, we just felt another one. >> 2.8, just five toe six minutes ago just happened. i want to focus on the big one right now. the big aftershock that just happened at 5:33 this morning. west northwest of american canyon, just two miles west, northwest. 3.9. this is the strongest aftershock that we have had since the initial 6.0 quake. so this is something that we have been expecting, but deaf nitdly the strongest -- definitely the strongest so far. according to the next usgs, the next seven days, the probability
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of a #.0 magnitude or larger dwindled to 16%. knew according to the usgs as well, the most likely scenario is that the 6.0 that already occurred is the largest we will see on this fault. the west napa fault. as we head to the next seven days, we have a chance for seeing two to 15 strong aftershocks. we were expecting this. and definitely getting the tlorts morning. so far they've been good. and it sounds like there wasn't a lot of shaking. however, we have sent our own reporter derek shore out to the scene to find out if there is any aftermath out there. we're going to take a close look at your forecast coming up here in adjust minute. first though, i want to check your drive, we know, mark, mike always checks with bart whenever something like this happened. yeah, we see bart always wants to check the system whenever we have a strong aftershock like this, anything like that reported? >> so far no, there's a certain radius they have to have, within
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the a certain radius or magnitude before they'll shut down a system and do that system check. i've heard about no delays for the bart system. i have not seen any other messages, and i've sent message bs out to chp to find out if there's roadway damage we need to know about. same thing for caltrans. i have not getten specifics yet. these are nowhere close to the strength of the 6.0 that we did have which originally set off the problems for highway 121. over here, complete separate issue, sunol, earlier crash just a few minutes ago. moved over to the shoulder just past our view here. as you make your way around the bend, this is causing a slow down. we have a slower drive, 680 southbound just seeing the volume increase ouftd pleasanton and into sunol. then down here, that's where all the slowing happened as you're heading over.
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typical pattern after earlier problems. and not so bad once you're passed out of livermore and in towards dublin. rest of the bay is moving smooth my. south 880 in that build, we have a crash at a street. moved over quickly. could have have problems towards the san mateo bridge. the peninsula approach off the high-rise. you're picking up the delays for 92. or if 101 along the planes. the bay bridge of course off expected delay. metering lights are always on your way. the fast track lanes are visibly moving which is good for this time on a tuesday. the east shore freeway has no problems. and the north bay flows you would expect what it has right there. >> yet another aftershock this morning. there have been several this morning. more right after the break as well as checking in with scott mcgrew for business and tech. be right back.
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welcome back. kid with a web cam on his hat turnings that into a billion dollar business plan. >> scott mcgrew just the latest san francisco success story. >> he is. it started so simply, chris, you may remember justin tv. twhaunt long ago. justin con started broadcasting his life over the internet. he didn't realize at the time his mastery of transmitting lots of video online would morph into this. a video service called twitch which allows you to broadcast your video game as it happens over the internet.
6:26 am
then of course other people watch it as a spectator sport. this turned out to be so popular, amazon and google got into a bidding war and amazon won. justin and his cofounders and their investors ended up with a billion dollars in cash in stocks and bonuses. now, good for him, but why would amazon pay a billion dollars for a video game network? well, would you pay a billion dollars for mtv because if you look at what young people are watching these days, twitch and mtv have about the same viewership in prime time. in fact, twitch is slightly higher. in these numbers compiled by the new york times, twitch gets as many viewers as msnbc and closing in on cnn. now the other big talking point in business this morning is new records on the markets. the s&p 500 crossed the 2,000 mark for the first time ever monday before settling back on the close. the nasdaq once again at a 14 and a half year high. the last time the nasdaq was at
6:27 am
4500 was april 2000. bill clinton was president, kristin sams say my name was the top him, and federal agents just rescued gonzalez from the closet in miami. >> i was there. all right. >> flashback. >> i'm thinking on christmas day, we just run twitch and give everybody the day off. >> good viewers, yeah. >> thanks. time now 6:27 on your tuesday morning. still ahead, we're following breaking news, three early morning quakes rattled the north bay which is already on edge. plus broken bottles, cracked barrels, we go live to na fa pennsylvania for a look at how the quake is effecting your favorite wine.
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breaking news now, three quakes rattle american canyon. within the last half hour, first was a 3.9. strongest since the original quake. the second, 2.7, the thirtd, 2.8. bob redell spoke with one woman
6:30 am
who was shaken out of her bed. >> it shook. an aftershock, and i heard my chandelier hit to the wall and the bed went to the middle of the bedroom. you know. >> it's a dangerous scenario that we were kind of expecting. right now, we have bill tweedy on the phone, he is the former fire department spokesman in vallejo, we've been preparing ourselves for the aftershocks, they have arrived, what are you seeing this morning? >> well this morning, kris and sam, i heard, you know, you could feel the earthquake, it was a noise that starts beforehand. it started to shake. and then it subsided before it got into the violent shaking. like it was on sunday. luckily, you know, nothing was falling off the shelves like sunday's earthquake. >> all right. bill, so you expect it'll be a couple of minutes longer before anybody reports any damage in your experience? >> if this one's going cause damage, yeah, there would with,
6:31 am
i haven't heard of any reports since this one. but i'm sure people will go out and check their house again this morning. >> thank you very much, bill tweedy, former spokesman for vallejo fire department, but still, and expert in the area. also this morning, clean up continues after a big quake in south napa. and we are looking live at napa high school where the dumping site is set up. which is why where people can drop off trash and debris. >> i think that may be the winery. one of the local wineries impacted by the events of the last 48 hours. many vineyards are mopping up thousands of gallons of wine right now. nbc's halle jackson joins us live from the winefully na -- winery. it'll have an impact on the price of wine, we imagine. >> reporter: and this is exhibit a right here guys. this used to be the tasting room. look at it now. it is leaning, it's buckled, it looks almost like a fun house
6:32 am
after the quake on sunday. luckily, the aftershocks here this morning within the about the last hour and a half or so didn't does that thing to creek. that is a good thing. people are planning to rebuild. they want to move the tasting room outside and get back to business as usual. that's the message from napa to tourist, napa is open for business. it's ready to continue to serve wines to people and have them come visit. still, it's going to take weeks before we get a handle on the full financial impact of what happened. state officials say the damage here could be up to a billion dollars, but that includes everything, not just the wineries. you've seen the pictures, you've seen the video of all those spills, the busted barrels, broken bottles, at love problems that people are cleaning up with now and they're counting up the cost too. we're going to have more on the today show for you in a little bit. >> scary looking images, thank you so much ally for that report. now we to want talk with christina loren as well who is mapping this out for us and showing us what we can expect and what we've seen so far in terms of aftershocks. >> yeah, its ban pretty active
6:33 am
morning so far. sam and kris, and with the 3.9 coming in. that is the strongest aftershock we've had so far after the initial quake. after that initial 6.0. according to the usgs, we are not out of the woods yet. for the next seven days, on the west napa fault an adjacent fault, we have the chance far 5.0 magnitude or larger. every day we spasz good because it means we get out of the woods. this should dwindle down to about 10% overnight and even more so as we head throughout the next couple of days. then our focus shifts to the chance for 3.0 and above aftershocks. two to 15 likely throughout the next seven days. we're still going to seem the earth around that west napa fault shaking. we're not done just yet. when it comes to your forecast, the good news is for that clean up effort happening up in napa. we're going to get some nice weather, at least for the first
6:34 am
part of the day. it'll be warm out there later on. so the earlier you can get out there, the better off you will be if you are paar taking. i want to show you what's happening though, they have this area of low pressure, counterclockwise rotation, and this is what's ushering in the flow bringing in that cool ocean air all the way inland. that's going to be the weather story for today, but we're going to cut that off throw tomorrow and as a result, temperatures are going to be even hotter around here. going to feel like summer time in the final days of august. below average for most of this month. emeryville showing you a cloudy sky, we told you that was going to happen. you're getting a break within the clouds, san francisco and looking hazy here in the south bay. haze is going to increase throughout the next kill of days. subtroll call moisture. the humidity will be back. 828 for the south bay, 78 degrees on the east shore today and 68 in san francisco. coming up, we'll look at the holiday weekend forecast. and we'll let you know if more aftershocks come in. we're tracking those by the minute. first, he's tracking your drive
6:35 am
by the minute, and it's always getting busier. >> that's right, christina. one concern when you talked about the aftershocks. where we had the roadway damage. caltrans, chp not saying anything about any problems. and you know, these are less extreme than as far as the 6.0 on sunday. i'll continue to track that, no delays reported for the transit systems either. we're looking towards sunol where you have the delay for this drive southbound 680 just bogging down through sunol heading towards the fremont scales, crash there on the southbound side across the freeway from the scales is over on the shoulder. it's a distraction and causing this drive we see slowing down out of pleasanton. we're seeing the pattern shift as more folks make their way past the scene. there's a general slow down all the way down through the northern edge of the fremont coming over that grade off the truck scales. typical build though for 580 out of the altamont. continuing with the volume, we'll see things build as far as south 680. the rest of the bay moves smoothly including the upper east shore freeway where you have your metering lights on.
6:36 am
look at the highway 37 at the top of your screen, slow drive over towards the point in the raceway there, and 121. and we is that true yesterday as well, i believe they're trying to avoid the napa area if they don't have the to go through there because there's been changes like old sonoma road. more repair. live look, we're going twoend san jose, live look northbound 101. volume building for the south bay. san jose state is back in session again today. there's the golden gate bridge. >> we noticed that yesterday, thank you very much, mike. okay right now it is 6:36 on your tuesday morning. the markets have been open for a few minutes now. >> and good morning scott. >> good morning, yes, they are. the dow industrial's up about 30 points. s&p 500, back over 2,000. again, the day setting another record. the other headline of the day orveg, burger king just signed a deal with canada-based donut chain tim horton's to go together on that deal. sop we're going to keep a look on that as well.
6:37 am
they're competing a company worth 23 billion. warren buffett three in three billion to fake happen. what does burger king want donuts? it is speculation it is about taxes. horton's is based in canada, and if burger king can become a canadian company by marriage, that changes the american tax issues, but sam and kris, canada is not exactly a tax haven. ireland, bahamas, that's a tax haven, canada, not so much. it could just be burger king thinks it'll make money on this. yum brands afterall owns several outlets, taco bell, burger king tries to do the same thing. any way, it is a whooper of a deal, and i say that because i can't get chicken fries into that any way, shape, or form. >> burger prime minister now. thank you very much. 6:37 right now, still ahead, your black and orange update with amy g. coming up. ♪
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and it is 6:40 on your tuesday morning, today the giants will have another shot at redemption against the rockies after a tough 3-2 loss. >> amy gutierrez from comcast sportsnet has your orange and black update from at&t park. >> good morning everyone. the struggles for your san francisco giants, they continue after they lost to the colorado rockies last night. they have now dropped three in a row in a crucial time in the season and the standings. they battled an inconsistent
6:41 am
strike zone monday evening. but ultimately, they beat themselves. causing unforced errors and having missed opportunities. >> it was a little awkward. first inning, third inning, they had some strange balls there. just not well played game. it caught up with us. >> the giants also squandered a solid outing from starter jake peevy who makes no bones about showing how he feels on the mound. >> i'm an emotional guy. and it's all directed at wanting to win and being as good as we can be as a team. and you know, we certainly can be better all the way around tonight starting with me. so frustrating night for sure. >> well the giant goes back at it this oorng. they have madison bachmann grter in on the -- madison bumgarner on the hill. it'll be interesting to see what the giant's offense comes up with evening. i'm amy gutierrez for "today in the bay." >> every game a must-win,
6:42 am
thanks, amy. time is now 6:41, breaking news, several strong aftershocks that rocked the north bay this morning. we have the latest in a live report.
6:43 am
6:44 am
you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic. breaking news, three quakes rattled american canyon within the last 90 minutes. the first the strongest since the original 6.0, 3.9. the second was a 2.7, third, a 2.8. >> let's get a live report, katherine from the telemundo station, felt those aftershocks this morning. katherine, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we felt how the street was moving.
6:45 am
it felt pretty strong. i can tell you, 3.9, the strongest since sunday. we are here in vallejo at the intersection of sonoma boulevard and carolina street. we were just preparing to go live with the the story about this church, and for a minute, i thought it was a big truck just passing by. but after that, i realized it was the aftershock. it felt strong as i told you. and i just saw the street moving side to side. and it lasted for about five seconds. we've spoke with some of the resident's. some of them told uls they didn't feel it because they were driving at this time. but minutes after we felt the aftershock, one police officer came to check if everything was okay. he said he felt it and he felt pretty strong. as you guys said, the strongest here in vallejo. the strongest felt since sunday. and i can tell you, i'm a little nervous from this aftershock. everything is normal here in
6:46 am
vallejo, minutes ago we spoke with one of the pastor was this church. he told us that today they're going to have a new inspection to see if the structure suffered new challenges can after this aftershock. let's see what happens with that. reporting live in vallejo, nbc, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much. that is our concern at this point. looking at those buildings have have been affected the first time around. make sure they hold strong. >> we have someone on the phone, anna, you felt the aftershocks, what did it feel like to you? >> it shook my house. only once, left to right. and you know, startled me very much. >> now, this one was much shorter than the 6.0 we felt on saturday. did it wake you up or were you already up and about? >> i was already awake. and i was laying in bed, and literally saw and felt my house shake from left to right. >> our friend from telemundo
6:47 am
said she saw things move dppg you see anything unusual or just feel it? >> no, i saw my house shake. like move from the left to the right, like in a waving motion. >> anna, how would you compare the intensity of what you saw today to the earthquake a couple days ago? >> i would say it was half of sunday. because sunday my house shook three times left to right. like i was watching it going from right to left to right left to right. and today was just left to right, and then like a big thud. >> and thank you very much, there's no question people are spooked right now given the fact that we've seen literally dozens of aftershocks. three more by our account this morning. thank you very much. >> these are the strongest though, christina for sure. >> in the morning for sure. 3:20 a.m. sunday morning, the initial quake hit 6.0. then two hours later at 5:36 a.m., we had a 3.6. but this morning, we saw that 3.9. so it's definitely the strongest
6:48 am
we've seen since the initial wake on sunday morning. and definitely a lot of people unnerved right now. now we were planning on this. we've been telling you that aftershocks are likely. as we head through the next seven days though, aftershocks above 5.0 statistically speaking, from the usgs, at about an 18% chance. so that chance is getting smaller and smaller as the hours pass. so that's the good news. we're going to be on top of this, not letting our guard down whatsoever. and that is for the west napa fault specifically and adjacent fault. this morning, as i get that clean up effort under way there. temperatures are comfortable right now. it is going to be on the warm side. and our high temperatures as the days get shorterer coming in between about 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. that's the hottest time of the day. that's the time you want to be inside in the shade. emeryville today though, you're only going to reach in the 70s. comfortable for you. i want to show you a live look, heelsburg to keep you cool, and
6:49 am
overlook the santa larclara val. nice day shaping up for us. although it will be warmer. today on shore right about at average for this time of year, then tomorrow, that heat cranks as high pressure takes control. valley temps near 90 degrees. then as we get into the weekend. we gate little subtropical moisture courtesy of the rim innocence of what is now hurricane marie. it's going to continue to weaken as it heads north over the cooler water. for us, looks like the moisture's going get sucked into the westerly flow and we could get showers as of saturday into sunday. overall temperatures today will be comfortable, low 80s for the south bay, 79 degrees on the peninsula. and as we take you through the rest of the week, you can see that jump between today and tomorrow. overall though, still looking good for your holiday weekend. temperatures are going to be in the mid-80s this weekend, in the south bay, meanwhile, you're going to get a stretch of upper 60s to low 70s in san francisco. here's a sneak peek at your
6:50 am
labor day weekend. drizzle on saturday, sunday, 70 degrees, and 72 on labor day. let's check your drive, here's mike inouye on a traffic tuesday. >> and here is a slow drive christina. this is not related to your typical tuesday. this is because of two crashes south 680 past the sunol golf course. that means the road along 680 is not a good alternate. it will not take you past this jam. it'll takeout into the jam. there you are, look at the map, we see the slow down starting. as the volume continues to build off. we now vu a slow drive all the way through pleasanton. when you reach fremont things clear up past vargas road. that's better news south of there. the rest of the bay looks smooetd if you want an alternate. gouk 580 towards the castro valley. still holding up a good speak south through hayward and into union city. it's extra mileage. depending on your route, they may be all right heading to the south bay. live shots outside, shows you the bay bridge, no problems
6:51 am
other than the fact that the metering lights are on. we're moving well in the fast track lanes. actually the lanes off to the right and left are getting lighter. this is good for traffic tuesday, no problems through oakland or downtown east shore freeway. and in the north bay, you can see traffic. there is a build of southbound right here, it curves and showing slowing, but that's just a burst of traffic that hit. meanwhile the aftershocks in the north bay, we're also on edge. no problems for transit or caltrans or chp. we will continue to track that as well. so far, use caution through the usual areas, back to you. >> thank you very much. and now just the fourth earthquake we felt. this one a 3.2, also strong, bob redell just felt. he's live in napa, what did it feel like to you, bob? >> reporter: i was sitting in my car, it jostled back and forth. i did not feel 39.9 that -- 3.9 that hit. now we did talk to someone, a woman who came up here, actually label the in a panic looking for
6:52 am
directions to shelter. thinking that we might have that information. she lives down the street. felt that 3.9, tells us it work her up with, moved her bed. her cat was freaking out. this was on top of the 6.0 that ransacked her home. after this morning, she's had it. >> i have power issues. i had a leak in my water heater. i don't know if i should be in there. i called the buildingen in the or it yesterday to come tell me if it was safe to come in, and they're too busy taking care of downtown napa. us local people, residents are the last on the list, you know. so i'm waiting. i don't know where to go or what to do. i'm looking for a shelter. i don't want to be alone. >> reporter: we are outside napa union high school, one of the 12 designated drop off sites for earthquakes, debris, something that the city has set up. and you can see that the recycling waste people are taking away one dumpster load. obviously, this dumpster was not
6:53 am
enough. if you look around it, there's a lot of debris that's been left out here just moments ago. john king, he live neers napa came to -- lives near napa. also concrete from a column that was outside his home that contained a wrought iron gate. his hvac is not working, but structurally the house season sound. you endure. >> and the beautiful place to live, and a wonderful life. and this is part of what goes with it. so if you didn't lose a life or get seriously damaged, you mentally put it together and move on. >> reporter: you see on the side of the dumpster, earthquake debris only. but then you look at a couch, we've seen ma stresses in
6:54 am
here -- mattresses in here. clearly that weren't damage and people are taking advantage of this opportunity. big time advantage of this trying to use this as an opportunity to dump often things they wanted to get rid of before the quake knowing that they can do it with no questions asked that has stuff will be taken to the dump. you see thijs in here that don't belong. then there's things that do belong, furniture that was broken. this was maybe an old shed. a lot of flat screen tvs. toilet that was busted. but the city again, they're asking you just please dump only things that were damaged or destroyed during the quake. not things that you were going to be throwing away and just trying to taking advantage of the three dump. they have 12 locations throughout the city, throughout the area at schools, napa union high school being one and in parks. reporting live here in napa. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. and the woman mentioned she didn't know where to go.
6:55 am
go to four quakes rattled american canyon. first 3.9, second 2.7, the third was a 2.8, and the fourth happening just a few moments ago, that was a 3.2. first and the last were the ones people felt. >> the 3.9 magnitude quake is the largest we've experienced to date following the earthquake. we're joined now with barry mountain. we reached out to the napa area fire departments to find out if they've had reports of injuring or anything in terms of damaged buildings. nothing to this point. what do you know from the ground level? >> first of all, the city of napa, not the county, nineteen, we have no reports of damage from the aftershocks. we're here in the emergency operation center, again this morning at the police department in napa. and staff is discussing what they felt during the various
6:56 am
aftershocks. but no one has any damage reports yet. we're going to be going into a briefing here in five minutes. and we're going to status update from all the activity overnight. >> barry, how does the county brace itself now, obviously we've seen a whole slew of aftershocks, dozens of them. we're seeing a recurrence this morning. are you changing your preparations? >> i don't think there's any change in preparation, the concern might be aftershocks can set us back. the traditional water line breaks for example or any new gas line breaks. we know at this point we have no gas leaks and electric and gas service restored. the water line breaks, we have ten crews on the job 24/7. including mutual aid from nearby communities trying that water service restore the to those who
6:57 am
still don't have it. our most recent update we had 600 homes as of about ten hours ago that were still lacking water service by this morning we've restored some of that service that we have many nor go. >> thank you, we appreciate the insight from the where you are. >> and napa city, or the county office of emergency services. scott mcgrew is joining us now with markets. and the assassination wondering about the wine -- the nation is wondering about the wine, but the markets too. >> pop the champagne as we watch the s&p 500 once again over 2,000. it's in fact at 2,001. well we'll tell you about big winners at the emmy's in a moment. let's talk about netflix trophy take. last night was none at all. last year, netflix made history as the first online network to win one of the big awards. the kind they televise, this one, became the first online network not to win any. now they did win some.
6:58 am
couple. like best guest actress, not the kind they show on tv though. other news, we just got word the gates opened at burningman, they were closed eave monday. twitter lit up with news of rain. glenn says the rain may gave and it dees the first shower they've huh in other a year. jor jorge ortiz says its been postponed on account of rain. and another says today kids today rain didn't even stop them at woodstock. somehow it stops them at burning man. >> oh, you know, i think the officials say that. >> i bet they wanted to stay. >> you get bocked down, you're not going anywhere. >> weaker and less resilient. >> kids today. >> toughen up, guys. all right. it is 6:58 now, one last check of the top stories. we to want start out with santa clara, the red cross, whether san francisco i should say where
6:59 am
there are lots of folks who are displaced because of an early morning fire at an autoshop, balboa park. seven families displaced, they are okay. there are no injuries this morning. you mentioned a sec ago, the fire started an at auto repair shop and migrated to nearby buildings. santa clara city leaders voting to stop watering grassy areas on comedians and in front of city buildings. that news comes a as new report showing that santa clara county homeowne homeowners. more rattled nerves in the north bay this morning as people were jolted away by several aftershocks. we've been covering them here within the last 90 minutes. the last one happening ten minutes ago. 3.2. about four mimes from napa. and the largest one, 3.9 near the american canyon. >> which was the strongest to date. your continuing to stay on top of this. >> weather looks good today, 50s
7:00 am
to start, 5u7 and 80s later. >> and no traffic problems from the quake. >> and halle jackson reporting live from wine country for the today show, find out what the quake means for the places of your favorite wine. we'll see you back her. good morning. clean sweep. >> and the emmy goes to, breaking bad. >> breaking bad dominates at the emmy's including wins for outstanding drama and bryan cranston while billy crystal delivers a touching tribute to his friend robin williams. >> it's very hard to talk about him in the past. >> we're in los angeles with all the highlights from television's biggest night. ready to launch? reports this morning that the


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